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Ranking Member David Scott Slams Republican House Leadership Attacks on America's Hungry Families

  • David Scott
House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member David Scott released the below statement in response to reports that senior Members of the House Republican Leadership are continuing their attacks on SNAP, our nation’s most effective anti-hunger program.

"Even as a bipartisan delegation of the House Agriculture Committee held a farm bill listening session in Maine, senior House Republicans openly shared their plans with members of the media to take food away from vulnerable Americans by weakening SNAP. 

“My defense of SNAP is as unambiguous as it is unwavering. Continued attempts by extreme Republicans to take food away from hungry children, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities will not stand.

“House Democrats stand united to protect America’s food supply and reduce food insecurity. The farm bill is the best and most appropriate vehicle to achieve these twin ends. Republican attacks on our most successful anti-hunger program imperil America’s food security, hungry families, and the farm bill. 

“I urge my Republican colleagues to proceed with caution. If they want to pass a farm bill that supports America’s farmers and families, they need to keep their hands off SNAP.”
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