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House Republicans Are Playing Political Games with the Farm Bill

Today, Britton T. Burdick, Communications Director for House Agriculture Democrats, released the following statement:

“House Republicans have spent over a year ignoring the red lines and core values of House Democrats. This unforced error will lead to a badly embarrassing result: a partisan farm bill that cannot pass on the House Floor. House Republicans charted this path through double-talk, backtracking, and constantly moving the goalposts. They promised they wouldn’t cut SNAP benefits but now plan to use the largest cut to SNAP benefits in nearly 30 years to pay for the farm bill. They tell Democrats these are not benefit cuts but then tell their Republican colleagues off the Committee that they are. They insisted that Thrifty Food Plan cuts would be totally reinvested into the Nutrition Title but now plan to invest that money in other titles. They promised to protect the Thrifty Food Plan from cuts by a future Administration, but the draft betrays that promise. They say Speaker Mike Johnson and Budget Chair Jodey Arrington are on board, but the Speaker publicly said he won’t commit to putting the bill on the Floor. 

“The Republicans have lost credibility, which will only make it harder to convince Democrats to support a farm bill down the road. Farmers know that the only way we get a farm bill this year is if Republicans and Democrats work together and respect each other’s priorities. House Republicans should drop their partisan approach and work with Democrats to pass a truly bipartisan farm bill.
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